S3603D Vector Network Analyzer

S3603D is a powerful and efficient Vector Network Analyzer which is widely used in industries like wireless communications, cable TV, automotive electronics etc. S3603D is capable to do an accurate measurement to filters, amplifiers, antenna, cable etc. S3603D has a 10.4 inch LCD screen and friendly GUI. It also supports various interfaces such as USB, LAN, GPIB and VGA to build a measurement system.

S3603D Vector Network Analyzer has powerful functions such as time domain and frequency domain, and provide multiple display in formats such as logarithm magnitude, linear magnitude, standing-wave ratio (SWR), phase, group delay, Smith circle diagram Smith chart and polar coordinates as well as multiple calibrations including the calibration of response, single port, response isolation and enhanced response, the calibration of full double ports and the electric calibration.

Key Features

Frequency range from 300 kHz to 20 GHz

Dynamic range up to 125dB

Powerful data analysis functions

Up to 64 independent measuring channels

Fixture simulator can simulate various R&D situations

Provide 4-port option which can achieve all 16 S parameters test

Frequency Range

S3603D: 300 kHz to 20 GHz

Frequency Resolution

1 Hz

Frquency Accuracy

±1×10-6 , (23°C±3°C)

System Dynamic Range (2-port)

•  300kHz – 100MHz: 95dB

•  100MHz – 1GHz: 110dB

•  1GHz – 6GHz: 120dB

•  6GHz – 8GHz: 117dB

•  8GHz – 10GHz: 115dB

•  10GHz – 15GHz: 110dB

•  15GHz – 20GHz: 100dB

(IF bandwidth: 10Hz)

System Dynamic Range (4-port)

•  300kHz – 100MHz: 90dB

•  100MHz – 1GHz: 100dB

•  1GHz – 6GHz: 115dB

•  6GHz – 8GHz: 110dB

•  8GHz – 10GHz: 105dB

•  10GHz – 15GHz: 100dB

•  15GHz – 20GHz: 90dB

(IF bandwidth: 10Hz)

Reflection Track

•  300kHz – 10MHz: ± 0.03dB

•  10MHz – 3GHz: ± 0.04dB

•  3GHz – 20GHz: ± 0.05dB

Transmission Track

•  300kHz – 10MHz: ±0.03dB

•  10MHz – 3GHz: ±0.04dB

•  3GHz – 6GHz: ±0.10dB

•  6GHz – 20GHz: ±0.15dB

Effective Directivity

•  300kHz – 10MHz: 46dB

•  10MHz – 3GHz: 42dB

•  3GHz – 6GHz: 38dB

•  6GHz – 20GHz: 36dB

Effective Source Match

•  300kHz – 10MHz: 44dB

•  10MHz – 3GHz: 42dB

•  3GHz – 6GHz: 38dB

•  6GHz – 20GHz: 36dB

Test Points

1 to 16001

Average Factor

1 to 1024


Max. 64 independent channels

IF Bandwidth

1Hz – 5MHz (Stepping by 1,2,3,5,7)

Magnitude Display Resolution


Phase Display Resolution


Reference Level Magnitude

-500dB to +500dB

Input Reference Phase Range

-500° to +500°

Port Connector Type

3.5mm (male), 50 Ω impedance

Number of Test Ports

2 / 4

Number of Test Receivers

2 / 4

Time-base Reference Output

Output frequency: 10MHz,  Output level: +10dBm ± 4dB

Peripheral Interface


Operating System

Windows 7


436 (W) × 236.5 (H) × 410 (D) mm


18 kg


10.4-inch high brightness LCD

Power Consumption

Max. 150W

Power Supply

50Hz single phase 220V or 50Hz/60Hz single phase 110V AC

Main Machine

Module No. Item Description
S3603D Vector Network Analyzer 300 kHz to 20 GHz


Module No. Item Description
S3603D-12 20403 Electronic calibration kit 10MHz - 26.5GHz, 3.5mm (female to male), for 2-port
S3603D-13 20405 Electronic calibration kit 10MHz - 20GHz, 3.5mm (female), for 4-port
S3603D-19 Cabinet Easy to build system
S3603D-30 3.5mm calibration kit DC - 26.5GHz
S3603D-31 3.5NMD/3.5mm-KJ testing cable /
S3603D-32 3.5NMD/3.5mm-KK testing cable /
S3603D-33 3.5mm testing cable GORE-FB0HA0HB025.0
S3603D-34 3.5mm testing cable GORE-FB0HA0HC025.0
S3603D-35 2-port option /
S3603D-37 4-port option /
S3603D-38 Aluminum carrying case For safety transportation