Saluki Assists in Accelerating 5G Industry Era Development
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Saluki Technology Inc., an outstanding technology company that helps enterprises, service providers, and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. One survey was carried out about measuring preparation and attitudes toward 5G deployment across the globe. The research showed that nearly half of global businesses are already deploying 5G networks, or plan to deploy them within the next 12 months. This underscored the pent-up consumer demand for 5G: the technology is here, it is real, and customers want it. The survey indicated that 5G network coverage and capability will expand and create new business opportunities.


5G is not technology for technology’s sake – true business needs are pushing the market. The 5G market landgrab has begun. First movers offering quality products will have significant advantages, because customers are waiting. Nearly 70% of respondents recognize that product quality requires comprehensive testing. Up to now, more than half of companies have begun developing 5G technologies with 16% already partially deployed. And 46% of respondents showed that they are investing in 5G to secure market leadership.


Nearly all of the survey respondents said that 5G is going to have significant impact, with the most respondents pointing to improved Network Reliability and Latency. The benefits of 5G extend a wide array of industries, not only the telecommunications and technology industries but also financial services, transportation,energy & utilities, health-care etc.. These data illustrate the many new applications that are only available in a 5G environment. New opportunities emerging from high speed, low-latency communications have potential to transform nearly all industry and create new ones.


Saluki Technology, Inc. meets customers’ requirement about infrastructure and equipment in deploying 5G. S3302 series handheld spectrum analyzer is a high frequency handheld instrument, it provides multi-functions to fullfill different requirements from users. S3302 series applied to the signal and equipment test in aerospace, microwave and satellite communications, wireless communications, radar surveillance, etc.. Saluki Technology can offer service and products to many industries such as telecommunications, technology, national defense and education which have invested in 5G market.

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