Intelligent Development Trend of Optical Access Network
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With the gradual construction and popularization of Gigabit optical network, fixed broadband networks have entered the gigabit era. 5G and Gigabit optical network complement each other, and jointly provide high-speed data channels for various innovative services, especially cloud-based services.


In 2020, some countries will launch Gigabit 5G, Gigabit broadband and Gigabit Wi-Fi technologies to provide users with a full-scene Gigabit experience, and actively explore and deploy key technologies for the evolution of next-generation PON networks.


At present, the deployment speed of gigabit optical access networks based on 10G PON technology is gradually accelerating. The 10G PON network has the characteristics of higher bandwidth, converged coexistence, smooth upgrade, etc., and has the ability to continuously evolve to the next generation PON.


Intelligence is an important development and evolution direction of optical access networks. Based on intelligent technology, new services can be introduced quickly, network flexibility, operation and maintenance efficiency, and user service experience can be improved. Among various intelligent technologies, the YANG model is the basic technology for the flexible, open and intelligent operation and maintenance of the access network. The Yang model modeling of PON equipment can effectively realize the abstraction of the optical access network capabilities.


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