Sweep Measurement of S3101 Cable and Antenna Analyzer
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S3101 cable and antenna analyzer supports sweep measurement. There are three measurement functions including average function, offset function and relative measurement function.


1. Average Function

Average function covers average operation on results obtained from several continuous measurements and displays average result as measured values. Average factor setting determines continuous measurement times. The greater the average factor is, the lower the external interference of measured power will be obtained, which will lead to more accurate measured values.


2. Offset Function

When power of source under test is beyond measurement range, it is required to attenuate or enlarge signal tested. At this time, actual power value of source under test without being attenuated or amplified could be easily obtained through offset function.

In offset function, value displayed is current measured value deducting offset value set. Offset function is in operation when signal channel is connected with power amplifier or attenuator. Therefore, offset value shall be set to negative number when connecting external attenuator; positive value when connecting external amplifier.


3. Relative Measurement Function

When turning on relative measurement function, it will save the power value of current measurement and then display the comparative value of each value measured with respect to power value saved. At the same time, units of comparative power value displayed will be changed from dBm to dB and from Watt to %. As shown in Fig.1.


SWEEP-SETUP menu bar

Fig.1 SWEEP/SETUP menu bar