【Product】S3503 High-end Spectrum Analyzer
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The S3503 High-end Spectrum Analyzer is Saluki Technology’s new line of high-performance signal/spectrum analyzers. Providing excellent test dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy, and test speed. S3503 provides multiple functions such as high-sensitivity spectral analysis, standard power measurement components, IQ analysis, transient analysis, pulse parameter analysis, audio analysis, analog Modulation measurement, phase noise test and many others. S3503 spectrum analyzer also has good scalability with flexible configuration options to further improve test performance, as well as test systems or secondary development via a variety of digital and analog signal output interfaces.

Fig.1 Saluki S3503 Signal / Spectrum Analyzer

As a versatile signal and spectrum analyzer, the S3503 easily meets your signal and device testing needs in aerospace, spaceflight, radar detection, communications, e-warfare, navigation and much more with the perfect match for superior performance and flexible applications the demanding requirements make it ideal for building new test solutions or replacing existing analyzers.

Excellent Performance

S3503 spectrum analyzer has excellent performance indicators to fully meet your testing needs.

      l  Coaxial frequency coverage up to 50GHz, 8 optional band configurations, more economical

l 1GHz measurement sensitivity -153dBm / Hz, the typical value of the pre-amplifier on is -166dBm / Hz

l  50GHz measurement sensitivity -135dBm / Hz, the typical value of the pre-amplifier on is -150dBm / Hz

l  Low phase noise, 1GHz carrier frequency offset 10kHz phase noise better than -125dBc / Hz

l  All-digital IF design, excellent scale fidelity and IF error

Fig.2 Burst Power Measurement

Rich signal analysis options

S3503 spectrum analyzer has a maximum 200MHz analysis bandwidth, optional transient analysis (multi-domain correlation analysis), pulse signal analysis, analog demodulation and other functional options for transient interference, pulse, frequency hopping, frequency lock and other complex Testing of broadband signals or time-varying signals provides comprehensive, in-depth and accurate analytical measurements.

l  Maximum support 200MHz bandwidth, providing 10MHz, 40MHz, 200MHz three kinds of analysis bandwidth configurations

l  Frequency-domain time-domain correlation testing, in-depth analysis of transient signal events

l  Waterfall graph shows the signal spectrum changes against time

l  Analyze signal frequency/ amplitude/phase over time, boost the efficiency of power control, frequency lock-in process test

l  Supports seamlessly captured data storage and playback analysis up to 250M samples (64-bit precision)

Fig.3 Spectrum Emission Mask Measurement

Flexible signal output interface

S3503 spectrum analyzer has the most abundant signal output interface, can be used as a monitoring and test signal assistant, or used to build test systems to better protect your test requirements.

l  IF output range 10 ~ 160MHz, covering 10.7MHz / 70MHz / 140MHz and other standard IF

l  4-step AGC level, step accuracy 1Hz

l  High IF output 275 ~ 475MHz, the maximum bandwidth of 300MHz

l  Low delay logarithmic detection output

l  Digital reconstruction of many types of signal output, including reconstructed IF, detector video, AM / FM demodulation, IQ output

l  Convenient record analysis program

l  S3503 provides the most convenient high-speed digital output and recording solution for your signal analyzer. Equipped with an external data logger, it can support massive raw data recording and dump analysis, and meet the testing needs of aerospace defense, wireless communications, radar, and broadband signal capture.

l  Digital signal output, 1X or 4X optical output channels, recording real-time data interface for wideband IQ data

l  External data logger supports both SSD and HDD media types

Easy frequency range expansion

S3503 spectrum analyzer external frequency expansion option with signal recognition capability, spread spectrum module using the USB interface, plug, and play, easily up to 325GHz test frequency expansion.