【Product】S3531 Series Spectrum Analyzer
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Saluki S3531 spectrum analyzer is a new designed portable spectrum analyzer. Within a small box, the user will get a spectrum analyzer a tracking source, an RF signal generator and a variety of test applications. It is amazing to keep all these hardware and software in one container, meanwhile the specification is still great, frequency reaches 1.8GHz ( S3531A) and 3GHz ( S3531B )DANL for S3531A full span is <-153dBm and for S3531B full span is <-148dBm. Minimum RBW is 1Hz.

Built-in RF signal generator (CW source) is another point cannot be ignored. Engineers do not need quite a lot of instrument on their desk anymore, an S3531 can function as a spectrum analyzer, a signal generator, and a network analyzer. Whole functions only take 335mm x 162mm x 116mm space.

S3531 provides pre-amplifier and advance measurement functions like AM/FM demodulation, Spectrogram, ACPR, OBW etc as a standard part. Users will not lose themselves in the confusing configuration list.

S3531 enjoys a 3 years warranty. Meanwhile, Saluki has built a large distribution and service network all around the world. Customers can enjoy a local service from the distributor or service center most close to them. Saluki also has a expertized support team, customer can call or send email to us, all your questions will be solved in 24h.


See more details about S3531 spectrum analyzer at following link:

S3531 Portable Spectrum Analyzer ( 9kHz – 1.8GHz / 3GHz)