Real-time Closed-loop Simulation Component of GPS/GNSS Simulator
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Saluki GPS/GNSS simulators can be used for user machine sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, first positioning time, positioning accuracy, speed measurement accuracy and other indicators test. They are suitable for car, mobile phone and other digital products (with navigation) manufacturers to test and use, and for various user machine design and development.

Saluki NS8340 GNSS Simulator

Fig.1 Saluki NS8340 GNSS Simulator


One of the components is real-time closed-loop simulation component, which is available in NS8340 GNSS constellation simulator. It is an optional of NS8340 simulator.


Real-time closed-loop simulation component enables real-time mathematical simulation and signal generation (real-time performance better than 10ms), supports signal simulation time and high-precision synchronization of external injection trajectory, and solves high-precision synchronization between simulator signal simulation time and external time system. The problem, as well as the high-precision synchronization of the simulator signal simulation time and the external injection trajectory, so as to realize the joint simulation of the simulator and the large system under the simulation time synchronization, and the joint simulation of the external injection trajectory and the simulator simulation time synchronization, synchronization time The accuracy can reach the order of ns, and it can meet the application requirements of semi-physical real-time simulation test such as weapon and equipment integrated navigation system.