Narrow Pulse Modulation Application of S1465 Series Signal Generator
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The modulation pulse of microwave signal generator is widely used in pulse system radar system, particle accelerator, seeker, measurement and calibration of RF microwave system, microwave communication transceiver system, electronic countermeasures, biomedical and other fields.


In special fields such as high-power microwave sources and electromagnetic environmental effects research, the conventional microwave signal source pulse modulation capability (microsecond pulse width) can no longer meet the application requirements, based on the microwave narrow pulse signal (several hundred nanosecond pulse width). The “microwave-excited thermoacoustic imaging” technology has been applied to the diagnosis of lesions such as breast cancer, but it requires sufficient imaging resolution and sufficient penetration depth to obtain the best imaging quality in applications such as early diagnosis of lesions. The study found that reducing the width of the microwave pulse and increasing the peak power of the microwave pulse can improve the imaging resolution and obtain better imaging results. At the same time, the narrower the pulse width of the microwave (tens of nanoseconds pulse width), the less thermal damage to the body.


Based on the S1465 Series Signal Generator (Narrow Pulse Option H02C), you can provide narrow-pulse modulated signals with high-speed rising and falling edge times (within 10ns), high-accuracy pulse widths up to 20ns, and accurate and stable power level output, and narrow pulses. The modulated signal has multiple modulation formats such as intrapulse chirp and intrapulse equalization, which can provide a richer excitation signal for the test of the device under test.


Test Steps:

1. In order to ensure the accuracy of the test, the 1465 and the oscilloscope are warmed up for more than 30 minutes.

2. Set the S1465 signal generator, select the frequency to set at 5GHz, the power is 0dBm, the RF is on, and the modulation is on.

3. Select S1465 pulse modulation, pulse modulation on, pulse source is set to automatic, set pulse width, such as 20ns, pulse period is 5μs.

4. Connect the cable. The S1465 signal generator output port is connected to the oscilloscope channel 1. For better test results, an external trigger signal is required, and S1465 pulse synchronization is used as the trigger input of the oscilloscope channel 2.

5. Set the oscilloscope and select channel 2 to trigger. The amplitude of each cell is 1V, the trigger level is 1.7V, and the channel 1 has a range of 100mV. The sampling rate is automatic.

20ns narrow pulse output

Fig.1 20ns narrow pulse output

100ns narrow pulse output

Fig.2 100ns narrow pulse output 

The S1465 series signal generator provides excellent narrow pulse modulated output, accurate power levels, ultra-low pulse overshoot and video feedthrough for your testing.