Label Function of S3101 Cable and Antenna Analyzer
Release time :2021.03.24 Reading quantity:25

S3101 cable and antenna analyzer supports label function. You may add an appropriate tip for current measured result in order to mark pictures when taking Print Screen. Label setting steps are as follows:

1. Press [System/Local] and enter system menu bar;

2. Click [TIP] menu and enter label menu bar;

3. Label switch and editing operation:

(1) If labeling function is off, you may click [TIP Off On] menu to bring up a dialog box of “Please enter a label”. Input label content in the dialog box and click “Confirm” key on dialog box or press [Enter] key to complete label setting. You may also click [Edit Tip] menu directly to bring up dialog box of “Please enter a Tip” and input tip content. Click “Confirm” key on dialog box or press [Enter] to complete label setting, while label switch will be automatically switched to [Tip Off On] status .

(2) If labeling function is on and required to edit, you may click [Edit Tip] menu to bring up a dialog box of  “Please enter a Tip” and input it with new label content. Click “Confirm” key on dialog box or press [Enter] key to reedit label. As shown in the following figure:


S3101 Label Editing

Fig.1 Label editing


4. Press [Enter] key or “OK” key on dialog box. After editing tip, measurement mode name of plot area will display label being edited by operators.