【Product】S3331 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Review
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S3331 handheld spectrum analyzer is designed for field use. It has a low weight, compact structure and a good performance. S3331 can be operated in field for 4 hours with battery power supply. It also provides telecommunication ports such as USB and LAN for remote data collection and remote control. Optional tracking source is provided as an option for test need stimulus signal.

Fig.1 Saluki S3331 handheld spectrum analyzer

Key Features

Tracking Source Output  Port (100kHz ~ 1.5GHz /3.2GHz)

RF Input  Port (9kHz ~ 3.6GHz / 7.5GHz)

Rubber Bumper, Robust Design

6.5″ High Brightness TFT LCD Screen

Physical keys

4h Battery Life

3kg Weight

Great Specifications

Frequency Range

S3331A: 9kHz ~ 3.6GHz

S3331B: 9kHz ~ 7.5GHz



Best DANL <-161dBm (typ.)

S3331A full band DANL <-148dBm

S3332B full band DANL <-138dBm

Tracking Source

Frequency Range:

100kHz ~ 3.2GHz

Output Power:

-30dBm to 0dBm


Minimum RBW: 1Hz

RBW Range:

1Hz ~ 500kHz ( 1 ~ 10 step)

1MHz, 3MHz

Phase Noise

Fc = 500MHz, Offset = 100kHz

S3331A: Phase Noise = -100dBc/Hz

S3331B: Phase Noise = -90dBc/Hz

Field Use Design


Rubber covers all around S3331. It will protect the instrument from the impact of bumping and falling

Easy Operate

S3331 has physical keys. User can easily operate it waring gloves



S3331 battery provides 4h working time. With a backup battery, S3331 can work for the whole day.



High brightness screen provide a clear view even in sun light

Full Functions


S3331 handheld spectrum analyzer can be widely used in RF / electronic industiries, such as:


Spectrum Analysis

Spectrum Monitor

Spectrum Management


Mobile Transmitter Test

Maintenance, Trouble shooting

RF/ Electronic Product manufacture, test and maintenance

RF / electronic related Laboratory, R&D


If you are interested in S3331 handheld spectrum analyzer, please see following link for more details and you may also contact us.

S3331 series handheld spectrum analyzer (9kHz ~ Max 7.5GHz)