【Product】S3302 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
Release time :2021.03.14 Reading quantity:27 source:Salukirf, original

S3302 is the latest generation of SALUKI Technology hand-held spectrum analyzer. High frequency range, max to 44GHz, low DANL ( best <-163dBm), very suitable for high frequency, weak signal spectrum analysis, troubleshooting etc. S3302 handheld spectrum analyzer can be widely used in 5G mobile communications, satellite communications, radar, aerospace, electronic warfare and other high-frequency microwave applications.


S3302 handheld spectrum analyzer has a compact design, solid and robust, suitable for field measurement. Equipped with a high-brightness screen, easy to observe the test results in bright light. Touch screen provides a more convenient operation more. Meanwhile in consider of field operation environments, S3302 handheld spectrum analyzer also provides physical buttons. Built-in GPS receiver is able to add the location information into measurement results, very convenient for data management.