GPS Function of Cable and Antenna Analyzer
Release time :2021.03.24 Reading quantity:24

S3101 cable and antenna analyzer adds GPS function and supports connecting external GPS antenna to check geographical position where antenna analyzer locates. It includes information such as latitude, latitudinal hemisphere, longitude, longitudinal hemisphere, altitude, date, and time etc.

Detailed operating steps of GPS function are as follows:

  1. Connect GPS antenna and Analyzer;
  2. Press[System/Local] key and enter system menu bar;
  3. Click [GPS] menu and enter GPS menu bar;
  4. Click [GPS Off On] menu on GPS menu bar; Surface GPS function is on when the menu displayed as [GPS Off On]. The latitudinaland longitudinal information of instrument’s location will be displayed in system status bar of Analyzer after a while.
  5. You may click [GPS Info] on GPS menu bar and check relevant detailed information of GPS, asshown in Fig.1.

Fig.1 Detailed GPS information