Distance Display of S3101 Cable and Antenna Analyzer
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This Section gives a description of how to set the distance parameters of S3101 Cable and Antenna Analyzer.When the measurement format of the Analyzer is DTF Return Loss and DTF VSWR, press [Freq/Dist] key to display the Freq/Dist menu bar. The distance setting steps are as follows:

1) Press [Freq/Dist] key to enter Freq/Dist menu bar;

2) Click the touch screen [Start Dist] menu to input start distance by turning the knob, [UP] or [DOWN] or numeric keys. When numeric keys are used to input the frequency value, the menu area displays the unit menu [M], and then click menu [M] or press [Enter] key to complete inputting the start distance;

3) Click the touch screen [Stop Distance] menu to input the appropriate stop distance.


Input Stop Distance.jpg

Fig.1 Input stop distance