Comparison Between Saluki S3101 Antenna Analyzer And Antrisu S331L
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Saluki S3101 series cable and antenna analyzer is a new generation antenna analyzer. S3101 cable antenna analyzer is designed to determine if a cable and antenna system is working properly and locate the source of the problem with DTF function.

S3101 cable and antenna analyzer

Fig.1 S3101 cable and antenna analyzer


This section mainly showed the comparison of specifications between Saluki cable and antenna analyzer and Anritsu site master.

Table 1 Comparison table between Saluki S3101 and Anritsu S331L


Brand Saluki Anritsu
Model No.
S3101A S331L
Frequency Range 1MHz – 4GHz 2MHz – 4GHz
Frequency Resolution 1kHz 1kHz
Frequency Accuracy ±2ppm ±5ppm
Output Power 0dBm (typ.) +3dBm (typ.)
Measurement Speed <1ms/point <1.5ms/point (typ.)
Data Point 2 – 4001 130.259.517.1033
Return Loss 0 to -100dB, Resolution:0.01dB 0 to -60dB, Resolution:0.01dB
VSWR 1 – 65, Resolution:0.01dB 1 – 65, Resolution:0.01dB
Cable Loss 0 -30dB 0-30dB
Ditrctivity >=42dB (Mechanical calibration)

>=35dB (Internal electronic calibration)

>=42dB (OSL calibration)

>=38dB (Insta calibration)

Storage Internal storage

SD card storage

USB device storage

Internal storage

USB device storage

Display 7 inch touch screen 7 inch touch screen
Embedded E-Cal Yes Yes
Build-in GPS Receiver Yes No
Power Measurement Yes Yes
Physical Keys Yes Yes
Internal Battery  8 hrs 8 hrs
Weight 2.5kg (with battery) 2.0kg (with battery)



S3101 cable and antenna analyzer can boosts your efficiency of troubleshooting and testing speed. Main features are below:

1. Small Size, Low weight, Robust, 8h battery life, perfect for site use.

2. Touch Screen, operation wizard, build-in E-cal, easy to operate.

3. Eight main functions, comprehensive tests for C&A system.

4. High Frequency (4GHz/8GHz), high speed, high accuracy.

5. PC software available, easy data management.