Comparison Between S3601B Vector Network Analyzer and Keysight E5071C
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This table will show the comparison between Saluki S3601B vector network analyer and Keysight E5071C.

Table1 Product comparison

Spec. Saluki S3601B Keysight E5071C
Impedance 50 Ω 50 Ω
Frequency Range 100kHz – 8.5GHz 9kHz – 8.5GHz
Frequency Accuracy 5ppm 5ppm
Frequency Resolution 1Hz 1Hz
Power Accuracy ±1.5dB ±1.0dB
Output Power 100kHz – 3GHz -55dBm to 10dBm 9kHz – 5GHz -55dBm to 10dBm
3GHz – 6GHz -55dBm to 8dBm 5GHz – 6GHz -55dBm to 9dBm
6GHz – 8.5GHz -55dBm to 6dBm 6GHz – 7GHz -55dBm to 8dBm
7GHz – 8.5GHz -55dBm to 7dBm
Noise Track (3kHz) 10MHz – 3GHz 0.001dBrms 9kHz – 30kHz

30kHz – 10MHz



3GHz – 8.5GHz 0.002dBrms 10MHz – 4.38GHz

4.38GHz – 8.5GHz



Dynamic (IFBW: 10Hz) 100kHz – 10MHz 100dB 9kHz – 300kHz 97dB
10MHz – 3GHz 125dB 300kHz – 10MHz 107dB
3GHz – 6GHz 123dB 10MHz – 6GHz 123dB
6GHz – 8.5GHz 118dB 6GHz – 8.5GHz 117dB
Temperature Stability 10MHz – 3GHz 0.015dB/C 9kHz – 3GHz 0.005dB/C
3GHz – 6GHz 0.040dB/C 3GHz – 6GHz 0.010dB/C
6GHz – 8.5GHz 0.080dB/C 6GHz – 8.5GHz 0.040dB/C

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