【Product】S3532 Spectrum Analyzer Review
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Saluki S3532 Spectrum Analyzer is a new generation of benchtop spectrum analyzer. Saluki pioneered the combination of an independent signal source into the spectrum analyzer to make complex measurements. The S3532A supports both CW sources and tracking sources in one machine, more functions, more applications, less benchtop space and less cost.


S3532 has excellent specifications, the highest frequency band up to 7.5GHz, the best DANL <-161dBm, S3532A full band DANL <-148dBm. The minimum RBW down to 1Hz. Functionally, the S3532 integrates the most commonly used functions as standard configuration. User buy a S3532 then get a full measurement application. No need to get confused by long configuration list.

S3532 enjoys a 3 years warranty. Meanwhile, Saluki has built a large distribution and service network all around the world. Customers can enjoy a local service from the distributor or service center most close to them. Saluki also has a expertized support team, customer can call or send email to us, all your questions will be solved in 24h.

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Saluki S3532 Spectrum Analyzer (9kHz – 3.6GHz, 9kHz – 7.5GHz)