【Product】S1131 RF Signal Generator
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Saluki S1131 RF signal Generator is an economic signal generator for 3GHz span. It provides engineers with a “smaller, lighter and easier” solution for 3GHz signal generation applications. S1131 provide analog modulation and digital modulation as standard functions and is a good solution for RF R&D, test, maintenance and education.


Saluki S1131 RF signal generaor

Fig.1 S1131 RF signal generator


1. Key Features

(1) Frequency range: 100kHz – 1.5GHz/3.0GHz

(2) SCIP supported.

(3) Standard IF input port.

(4) Multi sweep mode, Step sweep, list sweep, frequency sweep and power sweep.

(5) Standard analog modulation functions, AM, FM, PM and Pulse modulation.

(6) Standard digital modulation functions, 2ASK, 2,4,8FSK, 2,4,8PSK supported.

(7) Standard low frequency output function, sine, square, triangle and saw tooth wave forms are supported.


2. Main Functions

(1) Continuous wave output

(2) Step sweep output

(3) List sweep output

(4) AM signal output

(5) Digital modulation signal output

(6) LF internal modulation source output