Visit and Learn from Haier
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Last week employees of SALUKI Technology mainland China branch visited Haier Group which is the most famous manufacturer of household appliances. Haier Group shows their business philosophy and corporate culture as the world’s top 500 enterprises.



We have visited Haier headquarter’s park, Haier University and Haier corporate culture exhibition hall, Haier experience of technological progress and innovation model development process; and listen to Haier lecturer about Haier’s business model and business philosophy. All attendees learned a lot.



Quality innovation is the driving force for the sustainable development of each enterprise. Haier put forward the strategic goal of “defective products are scrap”. In 1985, Group CEO Zhang Ruimin smashed 76 refrigerators with slight quality problems when faced by all the employees, causing employees a sense of crisis and sense of responsibility, Haier’s sense of crisis has been fixed with a corporate culture, integrated into the blood of leaders and employees inside.


“Small group, model innovation” is Haier’s innovative exploration and practice, and Haier achieves a win-win situation through “small group”. Employees are end users, meanwhile the boss. One small group is the end user to other groups, meanwhile this group will also provide products and services to other groups and market. “Small group” is the integration of employees, end users and bosses. The target is a “win-win” situation. Employees build a shining career and company also benefit from employees’ success.


All Salukis’ employees deeply agree Haier’s pholosiphy of quality control and self driven management. We will absorb Haier’s idea and combine with Saluki’s situation to keep Saluki’s growth.

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